Defend Widows and Orphans

“She’s a strong, strong woman.” —Cathy, Aftercare specialist

Hellen fled her land during a devastating war in Northern Uganda, only to return years later to find her neighbors claiming it as their own. When Hellen confronted them and tried to take her land back, they rallied members of the community to violently attack Hellen’s entire family.

As the matriarch of a large family, Hellen had 161 family members —siblings, children and grandchildren—who were trying to return to the land that was rightfully theirs.

Children were beaten, women were threatened with rape, and Hellen was terrified of returning home.

In spite of these threats and abuses, Hellen reported the attacks to the police, and IJM took up her case.

It was a long legal battle, and the case dragged through the courts, but justice finally came when the criminals who attacked Hellen and her family pled guilty to the abuse. After years of living in fear, Hellen and her huge family now have a secure place to live and support their families.

Your gifts will defend widows and orphans from land theft and help them start a new life.