Free Children and Families from Slavery

“It was a helpless situation. A hopeless situation. Everything was gone.”

Muthu and her husband were barely making ends meet in their small village in India. They worked odd jobs as daily laborers and slept in a tent under a tree, desperate for a better life.

When a man from a nearby town offered them a job at his wood cutting facility, they accepted, not knowing their lives were about to get much worse.

Day after day, Muthu and her husband cut wood under the hot Indian sun. They had no days off and were barely paid enough to feed themselves. The owner of the facility monitored every movement, and sexually harassed Muthu and other women. When men at the facility tried to stop this abuse, he ordered them to be beaten.

Back in her home village, Muthu’s children were being taken care of by family members. She would go visit them when she could until her master burned down the home where her children were living—forcing the children to move to the wood cutting facility. Her son was only 5 years old when he began working alongside them.

On the day of their rescue, 20 slaves—including her children—were freed. Government officials and IJM staff helped them return to their home village to begin building life in freedom.

Muthu was overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to give her kids the life they deserved. “At last,” she recalls, “I would go home and give the best education for my children, and lead a wonderful, happy life in freedom.”

Your gifts will rescue children and families from slavery and help them start a new life.