Protect Children from Sexual Violence

“If you think that there is nothing left, that there is nothing for you... IJM is there to tell you that it’s not all lost.”

When Daniela* came home to her little house in Bolivia, she didn’t realize her life was about to be thrown into chaos. The door to her home was locked, and Daniela had forgotten her key. She called the landlord’s son to open it for her, and he forced himself into her room and raped her.

Daniela wanted to speak up, but was afraid her family would be thrown out of their home, so she remained silent. Depressed and alone, 14-year-old Daniela thought her life was over. She turned to harming herself, saying, “I felt like I was to blame for everything that happened to me. Nothing mattered to me anymore.”

Things began to change when Daniela learned the landlord’s son had been raping her aunt, too. Together, they reported the rape to the police, who referred the case to IJM.

After two intense years of trauma-focused therapy, Daniela is enjoying life with her family in a new neighborhood, and hopes to become a police officer or doctor someday. Her case is still underway, and IJM attorneys are fighting relentlessly to find justice for Daniela and her family.

Your gifts will rescue children from sexual violence and help them start a new life.

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