Rescue Children from Cybersex Trafficking

“Rosie is incredibly brave. Her hardships have not broken her spirit. She is resilient and strong. She is a fighter.” —IJM Senior Social Worker

Many sisters share a special bond with one another, but the bond between Rosie* and her sisters is a tragic one: they were all sexually exploited online by their own mother.

Whenever Rosie’s mother told her to perform in sex shows, she tried her hardest to refuse. Her older sisters would volunteer to take her place in order to protect her. But no matter how many times her sisters tried to step in for her, Rosie still ended up being traumatized and abused for strangers online.

When the three girls were rescued, Rosie was just 10 years old. While they hated the pain and abuse of being trafficked, they felt guilty and responsible for breaking up their family.

Today, the three sisters are on a path toward restoration, living together at an aftercare home while their mother awaits a trial.

Rosie has some of the best grades in her class, and is a leader among the younger children at the aftercare shelter. With the help of fantastic social workers, Rosie’s brave spirit is shining through the trauma of cybersex trafficking, and she is excited to live a full life in freedom.

Your gifts will rescue children from cybersex trafficking and allow them to heal and grow in a safe place.