Rescue Girls from Sex Trafficking

“They told me that if I don’t work, they will beat and torture me.”

Supriya* grew up in a small village tucked into Nepal’s jungled mountains. When she was 12, a couple from her village told her about a good job in Kathmandu, just a few hours away. Wanting to earn money to support her family, Supriya went with them. Just like that, she was trafficked.

At first, Supriya was put to work cleaning houses. But soon enough, she was trafficked across the border and taken to a brothel in India. She was terrified. When she met the first customer who had paid to rape her, she refused and locked herself inside a room.

After two days of terrifying threats, all hope of safety was gone. The young girl who loved being outside in the garden with her mother was trapped in a brothel and raped multiple times a day.

Five excruciating years after Supriya was trafficked, she was brought out of captivity as an angry, traumatized 17-year-old.

It took months of counseling and support for Supriya to open up about the abuse she faced. In one session, she shared a tragic secret: she had friends who were still in captivity.

After months of planning, a rescue team arrived at the brothel where they were held, and Supriya was right beside them. She entered the brothel as a free and brave young woman—and helped rescue two of her friends.

Your gifts will rescue girls from sex trafficking and help them start a new life.