Send Rescue to Trafficked Children in Ghana

“I was full of fear any time I was on the lake.”

Godson was just 7 years old when his uncle promised to send him to school if he came to work with him. But on the first morning in his new home, his uncle woke him before sunrise and led him to the shores of Lake Volta, where he began to learn how to fish.

For more than 12 hours a day, six days a week, little Godson dove into the murky depths to untangle the nets that snagged on the forest of trees below the surface of the water.

The dream of school was gone, and he wondered if he would ever make it off the lake.

Boys working on the lake battle treacherous conditions, and sometimes they even drown. Godson’s friend, Yaw, was one of the unlucky ones.

“No one knows the cause of his death. But we all saw his corpse,” Godson said, visibly shaken. “After his death, I was full of fear anytime I was on the lake. I thought it could have happened to me.”

Godson held on to hope for ten long years that his future could be different. In March 2015, IJM and Ghanaian police rescued Godson and nine other boys with hauntingly similar stories.

Today, Godson is 19 years old. He remembers life on the lake sometimes but tries not to dwell on it. He is home and studying electrical engineering, and is excited for a bright and free future.

Your gifts will rescue children from slavery on Lake Volta and help them start a new life.

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