“Empowerment means I should be respected. No one should abuse me.”  
- Alice

Home should be a place of safety. But for many women like Alice in Northern Uganda, it’s far from safe. Women are violently beaten inside their homes, but you can be the one to help stop it.

Domestic violence was something Alice became familiar with at a young age as she watched her father play out a role she thought was typical for a husband, father and man. Most of the women around them have been beaten by the ones they loved, forced to accept it as the norm.

When Alice was older, domestic violence became a part of her reality too—after she met and started a family with Ivan*. He hit her, cheated on her, and—a decade and three children later—left her with the unpaid bills and school fees piling up.

You can help show women like Alice that they’re not alone, that husbands and fathers don’t beat people they love, and that they can disrupt the perceptions that this is normal by seeking justice.

Today, Alice is now empowered to be the strong woman she always was.

“Empowerment means I should be respected. No one should abuse me.”

Through counseling, your generous gifts have helped her process false beliefs her experience has taught her. And today, Alice proudly supports herself and three children while earning her own money with her job making yogurt—no longer needing to depend on the one who abused her for financial assistance.

Now, she’s teaching her children her new perspective of what a relationship between a man and woman should look like.

“There will be a time when men will stop beating up their wives,” she said. “I see a future for women where if men are spoken to and advised, they’ll come to learn that even women have rights.”

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