“With every rescue and arrest operation, [it] sends the message to the community that the lives and dignity of children are worth more than money.”  
- John Tanagho, IJM’s Director of Center to End Online Sexual Exploitation of Children

When a child like Rosie* experiences horrific forms of violence and abuse, sometimes the greatest comfort is just knowing she’s safe and not alone.

Today, Rosie lights up any room she enters. But back then, she was trapped by a dark reality. Rosie was repeatedly exploited in front of the small laptop set up in the corner of her one-room home, forced to partake in live-streamed shows for anyone willing to pay to watch her abuse online.

This was Rosie’s childhood. But you helped us find her and forever change her story. Your gifts meant we could partner with local authorities to rescue Rosie. Her abuser was arrested and received a 37-year sentence. Today, Rosie is safe and protected from future abuse.

Her biggest focus is on finishing two grade levels in a year of homeschooling—and chasing her dream of going to college. 

By funding online trafficking investigations and comforting survivors like Rosie through therapy, you can help more children dream in freedom too.

* A pseudonym

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