“Where community and police have confrontations, it's the community that suffers the most.... I would like to see police stop abusing power.”

Poverty is brutal on the innocent and powerless in Kenya—especially people trapped in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. People like Beth.

No one expects living conditions to be pleasant in prison, but in Kenya, it’s unbearable. Beth only ate the food to survive. Her bed was like sleeping on metal. She shared one tiny and torn mattress with two other inmates.

To post bail, her father had to put up his property as collateral. And as if that wasn’t enough, her reason for sitting in prison was all based on a lie.

When a corrupt police officer threatened to kill her son, she went into the local police station to report him. Instead of getting help, she was told she was stopping the police from doing their work. Then, another officer threw her into a cell and started beating her.

The officers gave Beth her fabricated charges: robbing a man of his phone and cash, and leaving him injured. In Kenya, this is a crime worthy of the death sentence.

Beth thought her last days would be spent in a prison cell. But when IJM lawyers heard her story and took on her case, hope of freedom returned. After defending her in court, Beth’s case was withdrawn, her innocence brought to light and she was free once again.

This is why we need relentless advocates like you. By paying for top-notch lawyers to help innocent prisoners like her who could never afford their services, you provide practical and life-changing help.

“Where community and police have confrontations, it’s the community that suffers the most,” Beth said. “I would like to see police stop abusing power.”

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