“There are other people there that are even suffering more than I am...”

Godwin was a young, avid bookworm with a dream of becoming a doctor. When he was 17, he thought he signed himself up for a journey to get the school supplies he needed. Instead, he was trafficked to Lake Volta, a treacherous man-made lake where thousands of children are enslaved on fishing boats—dangerously diving to its bottom every time a fishing net got caught.

For nearly 3 years, Godwin was trapped alongside several other trafficked children who worked in constant fear of never re-emerging from the lake’s depths. But your support meant we could send men like Joshua* to find him.

Joshua is our Director of Investigations and Law Enforcement Development in Ghana. He was the one who led the operation with local police to rescue Godwin. And less than 24 hours after his rescue, Godwin bravely partnered with him to identify his friends still trapped on the island.

Joshua witnessed first-hand how your support brings freedom and how that freedom can empower children like Godwin. 

“Godwin is just so bold, and he's a young man that has so much in front of him. his moment doesn't define him for the rest of his life. There is hope for the future, not only for him but for the other people that are still out there,” Joshua said.

Because of Godwin’s bravery, 29 trafficked people and one infant were rescued—and 17 suspects were arrested.

This is what you can make possible by combatting this form of slavery in Ghana. You can help rescue and empower more children like Godwin to pursue a future not defined by a painful past in slavery. 

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